We all know that there are some fundamental differences between men and women.  That is not to say however that these differences have any effect on someone’s traits as a person. The way any person is made up physiologically has absolutely no bearing on their intelligence, talent, and personality.  But the way people are physically made up can have an impact on their life.

What Are The Differences With Teeth?

There are some studies that indicate that males tend to have a slightly larger set of incisors than females.  There was also a significant difference in canine teeth, and another study has even gone as far as to say that you can use someone’s teeth to determine not only gender but also a person’s propensity towards transsexualism.

Divided Opinions

There are some dental experts that claim there is no difference at all and that the studies achieve these results due to researcher bias and preference towards the outcome.  Other researchers say that the differences are so minor that it is virtually impossible to truly determine gender based on teeth alone. 

Berlin Study Shows Lack of Clarity

Most experts who believe that this theory is unsubstantiated point towards a study conducted in Berlin where dental experts were shown the teeth of 50 different individuals.  They were then asked to identify the person’s gender based on the teeth that they were looking at.  They were only able to answer correctly around 50% of the time, which is the same percentage as if they had been guessing randomly.

Food For Thought

It seems then that if there is a difference it is in fact very negligible.  Regardless of gender, the biggest contribution to a person’s dental make up is their genetics, and the most important thing is to ensure good dental hygiene and to ensure that you visit the dentist regularly.