It is no secret that today’s busy lifestyles and 9 to 5 working habits have got much of the world stressed out and burnt out.  The daily grind has got people all over the country waking up early, commuting in nose to tail traffic for hours on end only to get to a low satisfactory job where they sit at a desk for 8 hours before returning to their car to enjoy the traffic jam journey back home. Most of these people would love the idea of a massage Glasgow to help them unwind, but are there any recognised health benefits from the treatment?

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Massage Glasgow Is Great For Busy Lifestyles

Once they get home, many people are too tired and strung out to want to enjoy their evenings, so they go bed early in order to get up the next morning and repeat the whole process all over again.  More and more people are desperate to regain their tranquillity once more, which is where massage Glasgow practices come into play.


Stress And Anxiety Levels On The Rise

It is no wonder people are fed up, stressed out and discontent with 21st-century living.  Sure people are living longer and healthier lives, but at what cost?  Rates of anxiety are now higher than ever, with reports from the World Health Organisation stating that at present 40% of worldwide disability is due to anxiety and depression. 


Serious Health Issues Solved By A Massage Glasgow?

People are even being hospitalised due to frequently occurring panic attacks brought on by anxiety and stress.  Unfortunately modern medicine seems to very little for the people who suffer from these conditions, and there appears to be not certified quick fix for the problem.

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Massage Uptake On The Rise

The answer could lie however in a more holistic approach to the problem.  Studies are continuing to make a link between massage therapy and the benefits it has on stress and anxiety.  Medical practitioners are starting to realise the potential of this practice and the benefits it can have on people with stress-related problems. More and more doctors are recommending massage treatments, often alongside traditional forms of medication, in order to relieve stress and get people back to a calmer demeanour.

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Everyone’s Different But It’s Worth A Try

The truth is that everyone responds to these treatments differently, in the same what that some people are more acute to the effect of stress.  Some people may find that in one massage Glasgow session they feel totally different and can go home and relax and feel the benefits for several weeks or even months after the treatment.  Other people may need several weekly sessions before they start to see any benefits, particularly those people who have been suffering from high-stress levels for an extended period of time. 

Final Thoughts

As there is a growing amount of research in this area, people are starting to be more open about the idea of giving it a try to see if it works for them.  Many people report feeling better and having more energy throughout the day, which is also attributed to the fact that the calming effects from a massage Glasgow treatment can help improve quality of sleep.