If you’re anything like me, keeping your home clean and tidy can be a struggle. Here are some easy ways to keep your home clean.

Make Your Bed

Making the bed every morning is something so simple, yet so effective when trying to keep your home tidy. It will instantly make your room look tidier, which will help encourage you not to make as much of a mess.

Take It Out, Put It Away

If you’re bad for taking something out and not putting it away, work on this step starting now. It seems like such a simple thing, yet many people struggle with doing it consistently. Everything you put away at the time is one less thing to put away later.

Do Something Small Every day

Instead of letting stuff build up and trying to deal with it all at once, try doing a small bit of cleaning every day. Smaller tidying jobs may only take 10 minutes individually but all together can add up to a few hours. Something as simple as hoovering whilst you’re waiting for your dinner to cook can make it feel like the workload has been cut in half.

Look at Your Mail On a Daily Basis

I have a huge pile of mail that just sits at my front door, I don’t check it regularly and sometimes end up missing important letters. To combat this open and sort through your mail every day when you get home from work. Recycle junk mail and keep what you need in a safe place, such as a filing cabinet.

Clear and Wipe Counters Daily

To help ensure your kitchen stays tidy, clear and wipe down the surfaces daily. This doesn’t need to be a big job and again can be quickly done whilst you make dinner or can be done after the dishes. This will make a huge difference to your kitchen and keep the clutter down. After you have mastered the kitchen and it becomes second nature, add wiping down the bathroom cabinets and putting things like toothpaste away.

Wash the Dishes and Clean the Sink

Washing the dishes always seems a lot worse than it is. It surprises me every time how quickly I manage to get them done. When dishes stack up they can make the whole kitchen look extremely messy.

As you can see, there are many simple habits that you can get into to help keep your home looking spick and span.