Are you planning to go clubbing with your girlfriends for the first time? Then probably you have waited for this a long time and might have an idea what and how it should be. Clubbing is fun, no doubt about that. But ladies, you should always be well prepared and informed before visiting nightclubs in Edinburgh. From what you should wear to your choice of drinks, our blog offers useful clubbing tips for girls.

girls in a nightclub

Watch Your Consumption

Clubbing is fun but it can be also dangerous id you do not watch your consumption. While clubbing, young women should watch their drink consumption and never leave their drinks unnatended. Buy your own drinks or have a female friend buy them. Moreover, you shouldn’t drink alcohol and get drunk too quickly, so pay attention to the amount of drinks you get. This is especially true for the ladies who are just starting out.

Bring The Essential

Make sure that you have your ID with you when hitting nightclubs Edinburgh. Also, don’t wear revealing clothing and avoid wearing heels that hurt your feet. Remember that you should never drive to a nightclub if you intend to drink, and it is better to designate someone to drive. If you are under the influence of alcohol, designate a driver, or use ride-sharing if possible.

What To Wear

While dressing up for nightclubs Edinburgh, make sure that you choose comfortable clothes. A slim-fitting bodysuit can be worn over a mini skirt or palazzo trousers. You can also wear crop tops with cargo pants or boots. For a more fancy outfit, try wearing a bodycon dress or a jumpsuit with high heels. You’ll look gorgeous in either outfit. Just make sure you have the right outfit and accessories for the occasion and do not overdo it.


Last Words

First-timers are encouraged to dance and not stand still. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced clubber, keep your cool and don’t let anyone make a fuss over your lack of dancing skills. You can always order non-alcoholic drinks if you feel like you have to your limit. And, remember to be aware of your surroundings and who you are dancing with. If it’s your first time visiting a nightclub in Edinburgh then it is best to stay close to you friends at all times and avoid talking to strangers. Still, it is important that you have fun and relax, so as a general rule remember to be polite and friendly, but at the same time try to keep the distance. Don’t let a boy try to dominate you. If you think he’s touching you inappropriately, make sure to stand up for yourself. Alternatively, you can grab his hand and ask him to stop.