You can tell if a product is cruelty-free if it specifically states this on it or if it has an illustration of a bunny on it. This simply means that in the process of making and testing this product, animal testing was not a method that was used. It is found that when animal testing is used, only around 3% of animals survive the experiments.

So Why Should You Choose Cruelty-Free Products?

  • There is often a lot of chemicals found in products that are non-cruelty-free. Therefore, using products that are, means you will be using products that are healthy for your skin, as well as saving animals.
  • It is believed by many that ‘animal testing’ uses animals like mice. However, this is false. Many large companies will use guinea pigs, rabbits, cats and even dogs. It is a huge misconception that testing is only carried out on rodents.
  • Companies and beauty brands who are cruelty-free are actually often cheaper to buy from than those who are not. You could be saving more money on your beauty products by opting for safer, healthier, and more ethical brands.
  • It has been proven that animal testing is unnecessary. We now know that there are over 7,000 substances and ingredients that are completely safe to create products with. The main reason why brands will use animal testing is when they wish to create a unique and advanced creation. This is completely unnecessary.


Now that we are aware of the harmful and unethical outcomes of animal testing. It is our responsibility as consumers to purchase from cruelty-free brands. This cruel method of testing results in taking away animals’ rights, using chemical filled beauty products on our skin, and avoiding the use of sustainable ingredients. There is no such thing as ‘pain-free’ testing on animals. This method is torturous and abusive. Make the ethical change today to your makeup bag and switch to cruelty-free.