Design is an important part of any car, no matter what type it is. While the engine and suspension are essential for driving pleasure, style and aesthetics should never be forgotten, even if you are only looking to improve your gas mileage.

Your Choices

One of the first things you will want to do when thinking about improving your gas mileage is to find a good car cover. Many people mistakenly think that a car cover makes a car look old or ugly. In fact, cover often looks great and improves the overall appearance of your car in many ways. By insulating the floor and steering wheel from bumps and scrapes caused by driving over curbs, a good car cover can be a very wise investment.

Styling is the art of making a car look as attractive as possible. The basic goal for a style improvement is to make a car look neat and tidy, without being difficult to drive in. Though some styles may be obvious choices, like the classic, sleek and straight look of some modern cars, other more subtle choices may be best for your style preferences. When shopping for a new car, you can take several factors into consideration and choose styles that look best for you.

Color is an important factor for many people. The choice of color for the exterior can make or break the appearance of your car. Dark colors like black or dark gray tend to be less striking than lighter colors like red or white. You also have more choices for styling your car when it has a more unique color.


Headlights are another factor for the appearance of your car. You might choose to have only a small set of bright headlights, while others have a large set with two small ones on each side of the front of the car. A simple, but attractive choice is to have a single set of wide headlights, which not only add style to the car, but give the drivers behind you a much more noticeable advantage.

Hardtop or convertible? Most people choose hard top models, simply because they add style and additional protection for the cars occupants. However, there are many styles to choose from, and some of them can cost up to three times the cost of a soft top. For many people, however, the style is not the most important thing, and a soft top is better suited for many people.

Interior lighting can make or break a car’s appearance. If you drive a Prius, the interior lighting is minimal, but if you drive a sports car, it will make your car more visible. You can choose bright, sunny colors that give you a style advantage, or darker, deeper, well-lit models that add a little safety and security for the occupants of the car.

The aesthetics of a car are important parts of the design, but the style should be a secondary consideration. Taking several factors into consideration, you can choose the style that best suits your needs and helps to improve your gas mileage.