The days of sticking to the same old boring old colours are over for good, thanks in part to home decor magazines. These days people have more choice than ever before when it comes to redecorating their home. In fact, some people barely know the rules of decorating at all! But with the right accessories and a little know how, you can really add a lot of colour to your home decor.

One simple thing that you can do to make any room look brighter is to add a splash of colour in the right places. You don’t necessarily need to redesign your entire room, but you can certainly enhance it by putting a few light bulbs in the right place, or by painting the walls a brighter colour. This can be done on the walls, ceiling and even the table or seats of the sofa. You may have to replace all of the light bulbs in order to achieve this effect, but it is certainly a great way to add some colour where it doesn’t usually come.

When you paint the walls, it is best to go for a lighter shade. Light blues and greens look great, but darker colours work better on these surfaces. Even if you do use a darker wall colour, try and keep the rest of the room in the same shade as well so that they tie in well. If you have a lot of white tiles on the walls, you can still brighten them up by putting a runner in the middle of the wall, which will reflect the light from the lamp on the floor and bounce it back onto the walls.

If you have large windows, then you can always add more colour to your home by hanging a mirror. This can also work in the opposite way of how you paint the walls if you have a very busy looking space. If you use a mirror with lots of lights, it can make the space look bigger. If you have a few very plain looking walls, then an interesting patterned mirror can really stand out. You don’t need a very fancy pattern to jazz up the look, so anything from floral prints to polka dot designs will work well in bringing life to the room.

The addition of candles to your home decor can be a surprising way of adding a lovely touch. Just remember that candles tend to catch fire and so it is wise to always place them in places which are not easily accessible. There are several different kinds of candles, so you should have no problem finding one that suits your tastes. If you want to create a particular ambience in the room, then choose a specific candle and it can even become a focal point of conversation. If you are looking for how to add more colour to your home decor, then candles are a fantastic way to do this.

Finally, you can use fabrics to create a wonderfully colourful oasis in your home. Fabrics have a tendency to hang on to colours, so they look particularly stunning in rooms that are decorated in neutral tones. You should choose fabrics that don’t show off too much dust so that the room will appear a little cleaner than it really is. The addition of fabric can be a wonderful way of how to add more colour to your home decor.

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