We all have a favourite piece or set of jewellery that we wear day in and day out. Whether it be a wedding band, engagement or signet ring passed down the generations, they are often irreplaceable. We often find problems of not being able to wear rings due to them wearing down and sometimes breaking. If you are consistently busy you can sometimes break your rings on the move and not notice. If you find your much loved ring in need of some attention then it may be time to look at repairs services for their high quality ring repair service.

If your ring has been damaged it may be time to take it out of the drawer and send it away for ring repair before it is permanently damaged or forgotten about.

Servicing your Ring

Servicing your ring is highly important due to the delicacy of the jewellery. Sometimes you may not notice the wearing of the ring which can lead to further damage if not treated quickly.

Areas to pay particular attention to is the claws around the stone which can wear down and cause loss of the stone. Faulty claws may cause the stone to slip or in the worst case scenario, fall out. It is possible for you to save time and money by having your ring serviced and cleaned regularly by a ring repair company who have experience handling fine jewellery and diamond rings.

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Due to our hectic lives, more and more of us are optioning for online ring repair services to help with our needs. There are plenty of online companies offering ring repair and other services but which one is the best option? We asked Repairs By Post how their ring repair service works. “Before your ring is sent back to you will make sure that all aspects of it are secure and in place. If your ring does need work completed, we will phone you to discuss your options as it may just need to be slightly adjusted”.

Ring Repair – Cleaning your Ring

The main priority of any piece of jewellery is to take care of it from the beginning by ensuring the rings are kept clean and taken off when completing harsh handed tasks. Wedding bands and engagement rings can suffer from wear and tear and you will be surprised by how easily this can happen. Most ring repair companies will offer ring cleaning services alongside their repair services. If your ring is starting to dull it may be time to have it cleaned.

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It is important to remember that substances like creams, gels, perfumes and liquids can damage your ring, so keep it protected by applying any of these substances without wearing your jewellery. Believe it or not, over the years these substances slip into the nooks and crannies of your ring and can make gem stones loose and uneven. Be careful with your rings as these things could be causing damage that you can’t see.