Many beauty moguls and even some fresh newcomers made waves in the industry throughout 2017. From Kylie Jenner, Glossier and Pat McGrath Labs showed us the power of social media for building brands in the digital age. There was the show-stopping launch of Rhianna’s beauty line Fenty, which finally offered inclusivity in cosmetics. Also there were astute collaborations that proved that two heads are better than one. Said collaborations include Gigi Hadid x Maybelline and Balmain with L’Oreal. 2017 set the bar high for this year. Below we have listed five movements that are predicted to dominate the beauty regimes of 2018.

Japanese Aesthetic

2017 saw takeover from Korean beauty and skincare product such as sheet masks, compact cushions and powerful hybrid essences. What is very exciting about K-beauty is that a lot of it stems from Japan. We are expecting to see a lot of classic Japanese aesthetic through the principles of kanso (simplicity), shibui (understated beauty) and seijaku (energised calm).

Moisturising is a simply beauty regime

Clean Products

Pretty much everyone was affected one way or another by the wellness movement in 2017. A huge focus was shifted towards physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, which to be honest was one of the greatest trends in history. We all deserve to be happy and healthy. This year the movement will continue to expand, now set to touch upon our approach to beauty. The main focus will be at harmful ingredients on all of our beauty products. Tata Harper, Goldfaden MD and Goop are just three of the names of big brands who will lead the way to cleaner products. Now before you come charging in on your organic high horse, “clean” is not to be confused with “natural”. The goal is to have beauty products that are free from harmful ingredients, aka clean, yet still fulfil the same purpose.


In keeping with the Japanese beauty aesthetic, 2018 is forecast to see a simplification of beauty regimes. We can expect to see the current trends of skincare process that have several steps using various lotions and potions peeled back in favour of multi-purpose products. For those of us with barely a spare minute to ourselves and for the sleepy-girls who prefer that extra 20-30 minutes in bed every morning, this trend is sure to appeal to you. You can thank a new surge in technology that beauty experts are creating that tackle the 3-in-1 ideology like never before.

Broad range of palette shades is part of inclusive beauty

Environmentally Friendly Products

This one of the most important beauty trends we can expect to see this year. Pollution is causing a lot of skin problems, especially for those living in big cities. In the second half of 2017, in just the UK, sales of pollution combatting skincare products rose to £3.1 million. Brands are finally developing products that fight environmental skin irritants including central heating, captive bacteria and the blue light from our computer screens.



Following in the footsteps of beauty inclusive pioneer, Rhianna, other brands are finally waking up. The Fenty Beauty brand generated $72 million in the first month of its launch, silencing industry cynics who have implied for years that there is no market for cosmetics that are inclusive of black skin. We can expect to see many other brands expanding their shades.