We all crave to have the perfect home, designed to our standards but unfortunately affordability and circumstances can take effect, leaving us with little home design freedom. Here we have 10 easy décor tips for your designer home without breaking the bank.

Add Colour

If your room is already a plain light colour then why not add a cheery accent colour to brighten up the room. Simple ways could be adding a bright yellow or peach throw to plain quilted bedding with fresh flowers of the same colour scheme.


If your room is very traditionally designed then why not try a statement patterned table cloth to add some personality and diversity.

Change your bedding style

Throughout the year it’s always best to have different bedding sets for the seasons. Pick light colours and patterns through the spring and summer months. In winter you want to make sure it is warm so pick darker colours and add in extra pillow and bulky blankets.

Hang about

Why not try something different in your home and replace certain doors with heavy, long curtains. It opens up your home whilst adding a rich texture to the space. Use colours that are bright and will pop against your wall colours.

Brighten it up

If you have in built shelves don’t leave them without some attention. You can make a dramatic difference by painting the inside a bold colour to pop out and brighten up the room.

Mix and match your patterns

Try and be inventive with your patterns without it looking messy. You can mix and match faded batik prints with floral patterns to create a sea shore feel to your home.

Show off those Antiques

Antiques are always a show stopping feature in any home. Adding small feature such as a vintage phone painted brightly to adding a brightly coloured vintage life ring to the bathroom. Each feature will be an eye catching one.

Dress it up

If you have the luxury hard wooden floors then it may be heart-breaking to cover them up. However, adding in some Turkish runners will add that extra feel of homeliness. The colours and patterns add the right amount of texture to a hallway.

Hang a collection

If you have a plain wall then why not try hanging a collection of ornaments or scattered pieces of artwork for a statement wall.


If you have a lot of small items on display try grouping them all together by theme in each room. It would make an interesting theme of the room to see!