Stylez4Women Interview with Makeup Artist Liza Macawili

"Success is being able to have a career in makeup, and still being able to go home and spend time with my family" Enjoy our interview with Makeup Artist Liza Macawili.

Stylez4Women Interview with Nail-Tech Chris Davis

"My clients provide the inspiration that sparks my creative energy" Enjoy our interview with Nail-Tech Chris Davis

Stylez4Women Interview with NailsBy Loretta

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. legendary Maya Angelou.  Enjoy our interview with Polish Me Nail Studio's Ms. Loretta.

Interview with Aesthetics Cosmetics Gbemi Ogunyomi

"My journey into the beauty industry has been unique and a lot different than most. My love for makeup developed in my teenage years" Enjoy our interview with the owner of Aesthetics Cosmetics Gbemi Ogunyomi.

Stylez4Women Interview with Nail-Tech Yvette Yolly Laracuente

My tools are my engine, my brushes are my Diva and my products are my necessity. Enjoy our interview with Nail-Tech Yvette Yolly Laracuente.

Interview with Celebrity Nail-Tech and Educator Paula Knight-Osborne

"Don't expect overnight success. Do your homework, know the company, its reputation, its products, and what the products can honestly do for your clients." Enjoy our interview with Celebrity Nail-Tech and Educator Paula Knight-Osborne.

Interview with Nail-Tech Indigo F. Makong

"Stay focused on your passion for nails, always provide proper care in a pleasant and professional manner." Enjoy our interview with Nail-Tech Indigo F. Makong.

Stylez4Women Interview with Makeup Artist Rita Hodgson

"Straight talk makes for straight understanding" -Wendy Williams. Enjoy our interview with Make-up Artist Rita Hodgson.

Stylez4Women Interview with Makeup Artist Faith Haller

We came across the talented MUA Faith Haller by way of Facebook. Mrs. Haller along with  Tanya breland founded the Pro Make up artists Network show group on facebook. She's taken the time out her busy schedule to share her story with us, enjoy.

Stylez4Women Interview with Makeup Artist Patrice Story

With Full Figured Fashion week right around the corner my mission was to find an MUA who has worked with full figured models. As our luck would have it we found a former model turned Makeup Artist, so without delay Stylez4Women interview with MUA Patrice Story

Stylez4Women Interview with Makeup Artist Kris Royston

This MUA caught our attention from some of the amazing work she posted on F acebook that she's done on her clients eyes, it was our pleasure interviewing Kris Royston Interview with Makeup Artist Eloy Guerra

Our mission is to market and promote hair, nail & makeup artists I know lately our focus has been the nail-techs, today let's continue our mission promoting the MUA by introducing this talented artist we came across on facebook. Enjoy Stylez4Women interview with Eloy Guerra

Stylez4Women Interview with Makeup Artist Zarah Arlene Ivins

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Today's interview comes from the Executive VP and Image consultant of Chick a boom talent agency, enjoy our interview with MUA Zarah Arlene Ivins

Stylez4Women Interview with Nail-Tech Char Miller

We had the good pleasure of interviewing a rising Nail Tech in the Chicago area. Her name is Charmaine Miller we hope you enjoy her story

Stylez4Women interview with Nail-Tech Robin Moses

This talented Nail-Tech and Artist is best known for her amazing YouTube tutorials we reached out to her for an interview, so let's this intro short here is Robin Moses :)

Stylez4Women Interview with Nail-Tech Nicole J

Stylez4Women interview with Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mobile Nail Stylist Nicole J

Stylez4Women Interview with Nail-Tech Shamina J. Di Mauro

Stylez4Women came across the talented Shamina J. Di Mauro while looking through the website, she was gracious enough to share her story enjoy.

Stylez4Women Interview with Nail-Tech Jesse Bruner

One of the easiest parts of my job has been working with Tiffany Cofer, her eye for talent in the Nail industry is amazing, and thanks to her networking ability she has gotten me access to some of the most creative minds in the  nail industry. With that Stylez4Women Interview with Nail-Tech Jesse Bruner

Stylez4Women Interview with Nail-Tech Anna Schmidt

I thought I'd start TGIF with a Nail-Tech's that has been on a tear this year, her work has been featured in Nails Magazine not once but twice this year alone. Without delay let's jump right into our interview with the amazing Anna Schmidt.

Stylez4Women Interview with Nail-Tech Millie Haynam

Today's interviewee has been an industry professional for over thirty years. Her unique skills and advanced expertise captures all aspects of the beauty business, including Hair Care, Skin Care, Nail Care, Make-Up and Waxing. Voted one of the top 100 industry educators by NAILS magazine, it's our pleasure to share with you the career of Millie Hayman, enjoy.